About The Jarrells Group

As a longtime Walmart executive, a basic belief was ingrained in me: Our people make the difference. Sam Walton built his company based on that principle. I founded The Jarrells Group with the same belief at the heart of my business. It guides our work with a wide range of companies and organizations, whether they have thousands of employees or fewer than 50.

When I left Walmart, it employed over 2 million people. I was a senior officer with global responsibilities. Today, my joy is working with enterprises of all sizes because no matter how big or small, your organization’s biggest differentiator is your people.

Your success depends on strategies to ensure you have a skilled and committed workforce to achieve your business objectives as well as practices and policies that build or sustain your company’s culture. Effective human resource strategies can decrease turnover, increase engagement, and accelerate the development of your top talent so they are prepared to step into key roles as your company grows.

Your people are an investment – a strategic investment. Let us help you in making the most of that investment.

Your people can make an even bigger difference.